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Current Scholars

Our Culture

The Collegiate Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to become immersed in a highly selective college environment. Our program is distinguished by three fundamental qualities: academic rigor, diversity, and relationships. Throughout their three years with us, students are exposed to diverse learning environments, one-on-one academic advising, college preparation, research, workshops and seminars, civic engagement, arts and cultural enrichment, and leadership development activities. Our Program has partnerships with ten University of Chicago departments, the City of Chicago, dozens of Chicago Public Schools, colleges nationwide, and other local and national educational access organizations.

Scholars are expected to utilise the resources provided as fully as possible to develop themselves as students and leaders within their communities. They should cultivate relationships with mentors and other scholars, as well as begin learning to network through the vast array of programs and events they attend. 

Scholar Expectations

The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program is a year-round program that is split into two parts: the summer and the academic year. During the summer, students are required to take courses offered by the Collegiate Scholars Program around a core curriculum of humanities, social science, math, and science. 

During the academic year, scholars participate in a series of panel discussions, workshops, and events. Enrichment activities during the academic year are geared toward college readiness, leadership development, civic engagement, and cultural exploration. Requirements may be completed during the autumn, winter, or spring quarters, which run from October to May.

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What is an excused absence vs. an unexcused absence?

An excused absence is when a Scholar or parent contacts us before the event to let us know that the Scholar cannot attend. An excused absence is only counted as credit when it is for a mandatory event. An unexcused absence is when a Scholar or parent does not let us know that the Scholar cannot attend before the event. If a Scholar is having trouble getting to an event, they need to call the office at 773-834-2774. Consequences for failing to notify UCCSP in advance may include: a phone call to a parent or guardian, a phone call to a school/counselor, being placed on probation, referral to the discipline committee, and potentially, in extreme cases, removal from UCCSP.

My contact information was changed. What should I do?

Contact information refers to your mailing or email address, home phone number, all cell phone numbers, and the name of your current high school. If any information has changed, please contact us immediately. You can email all of the new information to uccsp@uchicago.edu.

My UChicago email is not working. How do I fix it?

Please contact the ID and Privileges Office or call them at 773.702.3344. You can also visit the office on the first floor of Regenstein Library at 1100 East 57th Street. If after going to the ID and Privileges Office there are still problems, please contact the UCCSP office at 773-834-2774.

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Current Scholars

Advising Sessions

All current Collegiate Scholars are encouraged to meet with their advisors Robyn and Ann, at least once per quarter. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend these sessions. During advising sessions, scholars can receive guidance, feedback, and/or suggestions on the following topics: college applications, admissions, the cost of college, financial aid, resumes, personal statements, courses to take in high school, creating a college list, choosing a best-fit college, and more.