Academic Year Requirements

Between October and March, students in the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program are required to fulfill the following event/workshop requirements.

ACADEMIC Year Requirements: 10 Credits

  • 2 Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • 2 Leadership (L)
  • 2 College Access (CA)
  • Remaining 4 credits can be from above categories or following categories
  • Civic Engagement (CE)
  • Career Readiness (C)
  • Arts and Culture (AC)
  • Other Advanced Enrichment Categories include:
  • Social (S)
  • Global Engagement (GE)
  • Entrepeneurship (E)

Examples of past events and workshops include:

  • Lectures offered by University of Chicago faculty as well as distinguished visitors to campus
  • Career focused events where students meet professionals from such fields as arts, business, education, law, government, medicine, engineering, and information technology
  • Events at cultural institutions on the University of Chicago campus, including Court Theatre, the Renaissance Society, the Oriental Institute Museum, and the Smart Museum of Art
  • University of Chicago student cultural shows and improvisation workshops
  • Dramatic, musical, and dance performances at Chicago area theaters

Innovative programming provides a forum for students to express themselves creatively and explore cultural diversity.

Civic Engagement

Collegiate Scholars are also active leaders who make valuable contributions to their communities. An important component of the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program is service work. Scholars have done projects with such organizations as:

Service hours earned during projects organized through the Collegiate Scholars Program can also be used to fulfill CPS service learning requirements.

College Readiness

In order to prepare students for academic and personal success in college, we offer the following college readiness classes and workshops:

  • Standardized test preparation courses
  • Academic writing classes during the academic year
  • College readiness workshops for students and parents
  • Sophomores and juniors learn about what they need to do now to be prepared for the application process
  • Seniors receive guidance in completing their applications and financial aid forms

Social Events

Social events are held throughout the year to give students, parents, and UCCSP staff the opportunity to interact in a more informal setting.

Friendships formed between students from different schools and diverse backgrounds are a hallmark of the Collegiate Scholars Program.

Events have included:

  • Ice-skating
  • Roller-skating
  • Open mic night
  • Whirlyball/Lasertron
  • Family picnic

For more information, please refer to the Current Scholars FAQ.