CAN: CSP Alumni Network

The CSP Alumni Network (CAN) plays a vital role in carrying out the mission of CSP by organizing, implementing, and maintaining programs that promote leadership, alumni involvement, civic engagement, and educational excellence. As we grow, we plan to provide CSP Alumni with leadership and community service opportunities, professional and academic workshops, as well as networking and social events not just in Chicago, but also across the nation.

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In order to create strong bridges between CSP Alumni across the nation (and even around the world) as well as between Alumni and current Scholars, we are creating the CAN Advisory Board which we hope will consist of 25 committed Alumni who will represent the Collegiate Scholars Program wherever they are in the world and who will help facilitate lasting connections between Alumni and the Collegiate Scholars Program. While we are aware that our alumni are all very busy creating and leading their own lives after CSP, we are seeking dedicated individuals who will be as involved as possible and committed to our mission (this means and who will be able to dedicate a few hours each month to the Collegiate Scholars Program as a whole and, specifically, to CAN.

Becoming a member of the CAN Advisory Board is an exciting opportunity. See the list below for just a few of the reasons why!

  • Great way to give back to the Collegiate Scholars Program.
  • Awesome way to enhance and grow your professional and personal networks.
  • Be a part of spreading CSP’s energy and mission across the United States.
  • Take advantage of leadership training opportunities.
  • Experience building an initiative from scratch.
  • Involves resume-building duties and activities.
  • Opportunity to use and improve skills you already have.
  • Exercise your creativity.
  • Be a part of creating a lasting legacy for the CSP Alumni Network (CAN).
  • Become a bridge between current CSP scholars and alumni across the nation.
  • Make new friends and easily keep in touch with old ones.
  • Stay connected with CSP Staff.
  • Be a part of enhancing the Collegiate Scholars Program as a whole and especially Alumni programming.
  • Be a part of boosting access to elite schools and programs for Chicago Public School students.
  • Become a member of an amazing and driven team!

To get involved, contact us at UCCSP@UCHICAGO.EDU