Director's Note

I was born and raised in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and know firsthand some of the challenges Chicago Public School students face in preparing for college.  I am thrilled that you, too, are drawn to our program’s mission and energized to help these young people unlock the doors to the best possible education and preparation for their role in our global society.
The first decade has been full of accomplishments and goals met, but it is not enough. The tremendous accomplishments of CSP students over the past decade tell a powerful story of achievement. Historically, 100 percent of CSP alumni attend a four-year university, with 70 percent attending highly selective institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and, of course, the University of Chicago. In another decade, we will have more than doubled the CSP Alumni who are in higher education and the workforce.  They will be a new kind of leader, ones who are representative of the true diversity of our nation.  When I think of them out there – these symbols of success, ambition, strength and hope, I am inspired by what it means for our city and our country.
The Collegiate Scholars Program has become a national model for university-based college access programs that serve high-potential, low-income youth. It has spurred other programs in Chicago and across the country. Furthermore, CSP is an important part of the Office of Civic Engagement's portfolio, which expands the University's commitment to urban education and college access.
Please feel free to contact our office to learn more about our work.
Sincerest regards,
Abel Ochoa, Director
University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program