Benefits and Successes

The Benefits

Being a Collegiate Scholar gives you the opportunity to experience college life firsthand, work with a diverse group of students, and get personal help with the sometimes daunting tasks involved in preparing for and applying to college.

The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program (UCCSP) offers you the opportunity to:

  • Study and learn with a diverse group of students from a wide range of Chicago public schools
  • Develop valuable skills that will help you to excel in your high school classes and prepare you better for the opportunities that lie ahead in college
  • Experience the college classroom dynamic and the culture of a college campus
  • Get a head start on the college application process by attending workshops, college fairs, college readiness courses, and college tours

The Successes

Collegiate Scholars come out of the program confident and therefore very successful in achieving their academic goals. Here are some statistics:

  • 100% of Collegiate Scholars attend a 4-year college
  • 95% of Collegiate Scholars apply to most or highly selective colleges and universities
  • 85% of Collegiate Scholars who have graduated from the program have been accepted to most or highly selective colleges and universities
  • 70% choose to attend most or highly selective colleges and universities
  • Alumni of the Collegiate Scholars Program attend over 100 colleges and universities across the country.

Collegiate Scholars have been recipients of: